The TeamMeet the People Behind Bare Greens


Our Passion for Fresh Herbs and Greens

We started Bare Greens to help people and businesses re-discover freshness! Many herbs and greens sold today are harvested many days prior to use. Cold stored, shipped, placed on shelves, and finally makes it to your kitchen.

Then, you use some of the herb or green, the rest goes in the fridge. Next time you look for the herb or green, it has probably expired, or at best has deteriorated and is certainly no longer fresh.

Our passion is to provide not only fresh herbs and greens, but a way that minimises waste, maintains freshness and is locally grown.

re-discover freshness

Introducing the Team


Frank Maly

Farm Owner and Manager

All things farm related. Running the aquaponic system, caring for the herbs and greens, maintain the entire Morton Park Property. Frank can arrange a tour or answer any of your farm related questions.

Email Frank at

Call Frank on his mobile on 0410 525 965


Sylvie Chaumont

Sales and Marketing

Sylvie takes care of our customers and runs our marketing and sales division. Any sales related questions can be directed to Sylvie. Also a horticulturalist, Sylvie also works at keeping our herbs and greens healthy and happy, and also keeping an eye on the health of our fish.

Email Sylvie at

Call Sylvie on her mobile on 0431 063 985