CSA PricingPick a Plan that Fits You


How it works

There are two share options, a full family share, or a half share. This determines the quantity of herbs and greens you receive each week.

Secondly, you choose to participate for either 6 months, or 12 months. Payment must be made up front for either the 6 month period or 12 month period.

Expression of interest

Sharing the risk and reward

CSA is all about the community becoming closely linked with the farmer. Sharing the risk and reward, getting regular updates from the farmer, going on tour, and the upfront payment for the 6 month or 12 months, assists the farmer with knowing that his produce has buyers and the funds are used to maintain the farm and provide customers with more quality produce, wider range each year.

What's your benefit?

  • Fresh locally grown produce each week
  • Get to know us and where your food is grown
  • Be part of the growth and success of our farm