Fresh Right Now

You can't get fresher than harvesting, washing and adding to your dish being cooked. This is, Fresh Right Now! We provide you with the tower, you harvest as needed, and once your tower has been fully harvested we come and replace it with fully growing herbs and greens.

LIVE SALES is how we provide the freshest herbs and greens you will ever purchase! Your own tower, at home, full of growing herbs and greens, always fresh and no waste!

Jamie Oliver- The Naked Chef

‘We can’t keep buying those small packets of fresh herbs from the supermarket. Quite often we are paying high prices for substandard herbs, and not much of them either. And, without wanting to go on too much, the idea is that fresh herbs are to be picked and used in cooking for a really natural, fresh perfume, not sweating and wilting in plastic.’

From tower to plate. No plastic bags, no refrigeration