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Bare Greens grows using organic practices in an aquaponic system, utilizing Bright Agrotech's ZipGrow Vertical Growing Technology. This technology enables Bare Greens to provide our customers with Fresh Right Now produce, as the towers are modular, enabling us to easily transport our produce to market, to homes, or to restaurants. Always fresh, low wastage, harvest as you require.

  • Re-discover freshness.
  • Very low wastage.
  • Low consumption of resources.
  • Natural aquaponic process.
  • Locally produced.
  • Always Fresh!.
  • What does Bare Greens grow? +

    We grow most herbs and greens that grow well in aquaponic/vertical growing environment. We are also directed by our customers demands, so if you have requests or recommendations, please let either Sylvie or Frank know.
  • Are your herbs and greens expensive? +

    Value for money, we are significantly better than herbs and greens sold elsewhere. Although we are generally more expensive, there is a good reason. The freshness, self harvest capability differentiates our product from others. Also, when you consider the minimal waste, our produce is actually less expensive than what you would purchase from a supermarket.
  • What is special about vertical growing? +

    The Zipgrow Tower technology has many benefits for farmers. More crops per volume of space, very high media growing surface area, less labour intensive, minimal water loss, transportable, and much more. This all equates to a higher quality product for our customers, while minimizing resource usage and environmental impact.
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