Community Supported Agriculture

Are you looking for locally produced herbs and greens, available to you freshly cut every week of the year, year round? Are you interested in promoting and supporting locally produced herbs and greens? If you do, then Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) may just be what you require.

CSA is a joint community program, between the local community and a local farmer. The community supports the local farmer by purchasing shares in the farmers produce for an extended period of time, either 6 months or 12 months at a time. This share has two benefits.

  1. The share holder obtains fresh produce each week and gets to know the farmer, the farm and in many ways they become connected to the farmer.
  2. The farmer has guarenteed demand for their fresh produce and can therefore expand the production knowing that community members have committed to produce each week.

For more details of bare greens CSA program, please click on the link on the home page.